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What is Financing and how does it work?

Financing allows you to spread the cost of your purchase for up to 36 months.

How to finance your purchase:

1) Select the Financing option in the store’s checkout

2) Choose your preferred timeline and interest rate

3) Follow the steps to complete the application

4) Get an instant approval decision

5) Complete your purchase

You’ll receive an email with your payment plan when the store ships your order.

Please note: A credit check will be performed when you apply for our Financing options.

Will this require a credit check and will it impact my credit score?

We do not always perform a credit check on you, nevertheless, as a responsible lender, we want to make sure we’re helping our customers make the right financial decisions for their circumstances. When a credit check is performed, we verify your identity using the details you provided and we look at information from your credit report to understand your financial behavior and evaluate your creditworthiness.

We will not perform a credit check on you when:

1) Signing up to use Klarna

2) Downloading the app

We will perform a soft credit check when:

1) Deciding to Pay in 4

2 ) Deciding to Pay in 30 days

3) Applying for Financing

Read more about how these credit checks impact your credit score.

Our third party credit checks are performed by Transunion. If you have questions regarding their services, your credit score, or the data provided as part of a credit check we advise you to reach out to them directly.

These checks are performed in accordance with Klarna’s Terms & Conditions.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Klarna currently accepts debit cards as a form of payment when checking out with Financing. Subsequent payments (including autopay) can be made via checking account.

Can I pay off my balance early?

Yes, there will be an option to pay early in the Klarna email correspondence OR via the Klarna app.

Is shopping with Klarna safe?

The highest security standards are used to protect your data and personal information.

- All payment information is processed securely

-No details are transferred to or held by the store

-All transactions take place via secured connections following strict security protocols

-You can remove your linked bank account or card at any time

If you want to know more about the way we handle your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.

See our Cookie Policy for information about how we use cookies and your ability to choose how to use them.

Where is Klarna Financing available?

United States - Klarna Financing is currently available nationwide, except for online and in-store shoppers residing in West Virginia and Massachusetts. Klarna is available in Puerto Rico, but not in other US Territories.

Europe - Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Greece, Czech Republic, the USA and Australia.